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Sue Easton The Sunset Yoga Wimbledon & Raynes Park

Functional flexibility,
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The Sunset Yoga was founded in 2018 by Sue Easton in Singapore as she recognised a need for yoga and flexibility training in particular in the over 40’s.  She noticed busy professionals (usually those playing tennis golf running or working out in the gym) were turning up to class with injuries, aches and pains or severe stiffness.  Their restricted mobility was typically a result of tight hamstrings, a stiff back and/or shoulders and locked up hips.  She made it her mission to help.

Sue is now based in London, teaching 'Science of Stretching'™, flexibility sessions, privately 1:1 or in small group settings. She regularly travels back to Asia to deliver sessions, workshops and events.

Home: Vision


Sue’s vision is to assess the why, to look holistically at her clients background, lifestyle habits and motivations to then tailor a solution to them.  She will encourage and enthuse them to grow stronger, more flexible and more mobile.  Ultimately she wishes them to experience less pain and injuries, feel more comfortable, balanced and relaxed in themselves and be more able to do the things in life they love.

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The Sunset Yoga Classes are always warm and welcoming, no prior experience is required.   Group sessions are kept small so participants will always receive individual attention and health needs or concerns will be taken into consideration.  Privates and partner sessions are an even better way to work on motivation, personal goals or to build strength, confidence or flexibility in a shorter period of time.


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Small Group Sessions

About Sue


I love it when other people smile and feel good about themselves and after over 18 years of practicing yoga I realised I feel best and at my happiest when I’m doing Yoga regularly. So my purpose is now to ignite and fuel this in others.


"Sue makes me feel safe and empowered. Her gentle, clear guidance gives me confidence to stretch (literally) beyond where I believed I could. Because her classes are for everyone from beginner to advanced, the environment is non-judgmental and supportive. After just one class you will feel better. Her classes helped me immensely through a difficult time during breast cancer"



"Sue is great at adjusting to meet everyone’s needs. Her knowledge in this space is excellent. It doesn’t matter which level you are at or how injured you might be, Sue’s classes are always hugely beneficial.  My body feels less tight and capable of doing a lot more and was surprised at how quickly

I saw improvement"



"Sue's style of deep stretches helped with pain relief, improved my flexibility gave me a sense of peace and calm after the sessions. She’s extremely knowledgeable and I’m amazed how much flexibility I gained even in middle age! She releases pressure in muscles and mind"


"I attended Sue’s flexibility sessions for help with rehabilitation of a shoulder injury. It was my first exposure to yoga and Sue made me feel at ease, ensured I maintained the correct form throughout and created a relaxed and tranquil space in which to exercise. The results were impressive with significantly improved flexibility and strength after a couple of sessions. I would certainly recommend Sue’s yoga as complementary form of exercise to increase performance and aid recovery"


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