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The Sunset Yoga

Functional Flexibility and Mindful Mobility

Yoga... just a bit more grounded. Move in ways that make sense for your body and benefit you in your everyday life.

Tailored studio group classes for all ages and abilities, no prior experience required. Offered both online and in-person in Wimbledon, London. Private 1:1s, Private Group, Corporate and School Based sessions also available.


Our goal is always to improve flexibility and range of motion in a measurable way. We won’t be hopping into handstands, instead, we’ll be working to transform shortened tissues (tight hamstrings, locked up hips, stiff shoulders) and strengthen through mobility exercises and use passive, longer held stretches with appropriate breathing to turn off your nervous system’s stretch reflex and lengthen soft tissues.

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Our Classes

 We're not here to guide you on a path to enlightenment, but rather we will provide a balanced and sensible practice that encourages self awareness and resilience.  Classes are taught using best practices from exercise physiology research combined with tested protocols from yoga, pilates, martial arts and gymnastics. We specialise in yoga for over 40s.

Functional Flexibility & Mobility

A lack of flexibility can damage your joints and make you more prone to injuries, leading to longer recovery times. Our classes focus on regaining flexibility to improve posture and balance, aid circulation, and enable you to move with more ease and less pain in everyday life.

Sessions are conducted on a mat, with chairs and props used as needed. Perfect for those over 40.

Mum & Baby

Ease back into fitness while bonding with your baby and meeting other mums. Strengthen and tone with a particular focus on the muscles most affected pre and post birth.

Yoga For Kids

Yoga in children and teens enhances concentration and focus.  It releases tension and helps anxiety and develops inner qualities such as patience, insight and courage.

Trapeze Yoga

A fun and simple way to increase strength, balance and flexibility.  Close instruction is provided so you can safely take your yoga poses into flight!

These sessions are a form of inversion therapy and as such particularly beneficial for those with back issues


Functional Flexibility & Mobility


About Us

The Sunset Yoga was founded in 2018 by Sue Easton in Singapore as she recognised a need for yoga and flexibility training in particular in the over 40’s.  She noticed busy professionals (usually those playing tennis golf running or working out in the gym) were turning up to class with injuries, aches and pains or severe stiffness.  Their restricted mobility was typically a result of tight hamstrings, a stiff back and/or shoulders and locked up hips.  She made it her mission to help.



"Sue makes me feel safe and empowered. Her gentle, clear guidance gives me confidence to stretch (literally) beyond where I believed I could. Because her classes are for everyone from beginner to advanced, the environment is non-judgmental and supportive. After just one class you will feel better. Her classes helped me immensely through a difficult time during breast cancer"



"Sue is great at adjusting to meet everyone’s needs. Her knowledge in this space is excellent. It doesn’t matter which level you are at or how injured you might be, Sue’s classes are always hugely beneficial.  My body feels less tight and capable of doing a lot more and was surprised at how quickly

I saw improvement"



"Sue's style of deep stretches helped with pain relief, improved my flexibility gave me a sense of peace and calm after the sessions. She’s extremely knowledgeable and I’m amazed how much flexibility I gained even in middle age! She releases pressure in muscles and mind"


"I attended Sue’s flexibility sessions for help with rehabilitation of a shoulder injury. It was my first exposure to yoga and Sue made me feel at ease, ensured I maintained the correct form throughout and created a relaxed and tranquil space in which to exercise. The results were impressive with significantly improved flexibility and strength after a couple of sessions. I would certainly recommend Sue’s yoga as complementary form of exercise to increase performance and aid recovery"


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