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About The Sunset Yoga

Sue Easton, Lead teacher of the sunset yoga

Sue Easton, Founder and Lead Teacher

Sue’s vision is to assess the why, to look holistically at her clients background, lifestyle habits and motivations to then tailor a solution to them.  She will encourage and enthuse them to grow stronger, more flexible and more mobile.  Ultimately she wishes them to experience less pain and injuries, feel more comfortable, balanced and relaxed in themselves and be more able to do the things in life they love.


'I love it when other people smile and feel good about themselves and after over 18 years of practicing yoga I realised I feel best and at my happiest when I’m doing Yoga regularly. So my purpose is now to ignite and fuel this in others.

Initially trained in Hatha yoga at Vyasa Singapore, I later qualified as a Flexibility Coach and Trapeze instructor with Lucas Rockwood at YogaBody Teachers College.

All classes combine tailored, therapeutic sequencing with fun and friendly inspiration, given to help participants deepen and develop their own personal practice. '

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