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Class Information

Find out all the details about our classes below including what to expect.

Group Classes

Our group yoga classes are open to all bodies, no matter how flexible or mobile you are we encourage you to give them a try and see how they make you FEEL! Our classes are all tailored to the unique individuals who attend.

Yoga class teacher assisting a student

Functional Flexibility & Mobility Yoga Class

These classes are a mind-body fitness for everyone. You'll find some familiar yoga poses, but all are suitable for complete beginners and there is no incense, chanting or gurus.

  • Focus on alignment, use of props and sequences are designed to help keep joints and circulation healthy.

  • Sessions are small group, skills based and progressive to maximise motivation and results.


Tuesday 11:15 am - Serenity Space Wandsworth

Thursday 12 am - Online

Friday 9:30 am - West Wimbledon Society Hall

Mum and Baby yoga class

Mum & Baby Yoga Class

This session work on strength, balance and flexibility, while having your baby with you and meeting other mums. Suitable for babies 6 weeks to 1 year.

  • Help to strengthen and tone with a particular focus on the muscles most affected pre and post birth.

  • Improves digestion, sleep stress coordination and balance in both mum and baby.

Please wear comfortable clothes bring toys and milk if needed and ensure you have your doctors approval for a c- section and have passed your 6 week check up. 


Monday 11 am - Serenity Space Wandsworth

Friday 11 am - West Wimbledon Society Hall

Group Class Information

Private Classes

We offer various private yoga classes including corporate, trapeze, yoga for kids and more. These sessions are available:

Monday 1 pm | Tuesday and Wednesday 8 am | Tuesday between 3-6 pm

Private 1:1 sessions or group classes are available at your choice of location and are £60 per hour. Perfect for tailored yoga practices and specific wellness goals.

Yoga Class at The Sunset Yoga

Private Group & Corporate Yoga

Sue Easton giving face massage to student in yoga class

One to One Private Yoga

These sessions usually follow the Functional Flexibility and Mobility methodology but often incorporate hands on assists, massage, Yoga Nidra and meditations.

  • Small group or larger group if required

  • Classes can be located at our home studio in Wandsworth or at client's own choice of location.

These sessions can follow the Functional Flexibility and Mobility methodology or be a trapeze session, and often incorporate hands on assists, massage, Yoga Nidra and meditations

  • Classes are tailored to your unique needs, health concerns or injuries 

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home 

  • Receive regular follow up and lifetime access to additional tailored content.

Yoga Class

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is now taught worldwide in many schools as part of the physical educational curriculum.  Yoga in children and teens enhances concentration and focus.  It releases tension and helps anxiety and develops inner qualities such as patience, insight and courage.

These sessions consist of;

  • Playful yoga poses, helping to build balance and strength.

  • They include simple breathing techniques, with creative stories and relaxations threaded throughout to help improve children's physical and  mental well being.

  • Can be run in client's choice of location such as nurseries, schools or community centres

Sue Easton doing trapeze yoga

Trapeze Yoga

A fun and simple way to increase strength and balance.  Close instruction is provided so you can safely take your yoga poses into flight! These are available as private one-to-one sessions.

Benefits of Inversion Yoga;

  • Creates natural traction on your spine using your own body weight which can help alleviate back pain and ease symptoms of Sciatica.

  • Improves functional upper body strength

  • Increase flexibility and mobility

Private Classes
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