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Small Group Sessions

Science of Stretching is mind-body fitness for everyone. You'll find some familiar yoga poses, but all are suitable for complete beginners & there is no incense, chanting or gurus.

  • There is focus on alignment, use of props & sequences are designed to help keep joints & circulation healthy.

  • Sessions are skills based & progressive to maximise motivation & results.

  • Flexibility techniques informed by leading research with science based breath work.

  • Added benefits are stress management, mood balance, better sleep & posture.

  • One hour small group classes.

Double Deep Stretch Yoga

Deepen your practice & get quicker results when practicing in a pair with a friend or partner.

  • Same Science of Stretching methodology but enjoy individual attention tailored to your needs,  with the benefit of a buddy.

  • Work on personalised goals like strength, mobility, flexibility, stress management or core control in a relaxed, fun & friendly environment 

  • Receive practical take home advice &  lifetime access to additional content to help your flexibility progress.

  • Nutritional tips to get the most out of your Stretch Coaching.

One to One Private Sessions

These sessions usually  follow Science of Stretching methodology but often incorporate hands on assists, massage, Yoga Nidra & meditations  There are many benefits of a 1:1:

  • You’re too busy/lack confidence in studios 

  • You need inspiration and/or motivation 

  • They’re tailored to your unique needs, health concerns or injuries 

  • Help with alignment &  progress with postures

  • Experience deeper relaxation/improve meditation practice.

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home 

  • Receive regular follow up and lifetime access to additional tailored content.

Trapeze Yoga

A fun & simple way to increase strength & balance.  Close instruction is provided so you can safely take your yoga poses into flight! 

Benefits of Inversion Yoga;

  • Creates natural traction on your spine using your own body weight which can help alleviate back pain & ease symptoms of Sciatica 

  • Develops core strength

  • Deepens backbends & helps release shoulder tension

  • Improves functional upper body strength

  • Increase flexibility & mobility 

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is now taught worldwide in many schools as part of the physical educational curriculum.  Yoga in children & teens enhances concentration & focus.  It releases tension & helps anxiety & develops inner qualities such as patience, insight & courage.

These sessions consist of;

  • Playful yoga poses, helping to build balance & strength.

  • They include simple breathing techniques, with creative stories & relaxations threaded throughout to help improve childrens’ physical &  mental well being.

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Workshops & Retreats

Yoga helps strengthen us both physically and mentally.  If you’re looking for an escape from reality, want to connect with yourself on a deeper level or maybe heal from tiring or difficult circumstances,  improve your yoga practice or health, a yoga retreat or specific focussed workshop are fantastic options.

  • The positive benefits of a yoga workshop or longer retreat are amazing and long-lasting.

  • Whether you are an experienced yogi or a complete beginner a yoga retreat has the potential to help everyone.  

  • The Sunset Yoga offers a variety of workshops and yoga retreats in Asia & the South of England.

  • WhatsApp Sue for Schedule & Pricing

WhatsApp Sue for more information on schedule & pricing

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